Philippines Travel, 2019

Traffic in this 12 million people metropole is incredibly hectic.  Day and night, 24/7, there is activity.  To go out it takes much energy and very much time to do anything.  All that in 32° to even 40°C.  Traveling is exhausting.

Daily traffic jams are part of daily life.  Typhoons happen ±20 times a year.  During a Typhoon there are also floodings.  Where the floodings hit all traffic stops untill the water can flow away.

This article describes a bus trip in 2019 that always takes much time but that day it was double!  For example a 4 hour trip:  2,5 hours in a bus, then several Jeepneys (local public transport for 16 people, resembling a Jeep) and walk to your house.

That day an extreme traffic jam brought the capital traffic to a stop. the BUS took 5 HOURS over only 20km!   We were just happy to have a seat.  In total we travelled 7 hours over 20km ... and that was only ONE-way!  We were so happy to have a seat on the bus.

This is why for several years we prayed for a car to be 4x faster home through shortcuts!  With a car daily life becomes 'normal' and you aren't exhausted when you come home.

Look @ the pics of the busstop:  100’s to even 1000’s of people that need a bus